Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wishes: A word for 2013

I came across a great concept at Elise's lovely blog the other day, that of a word for the year. Something to focus the mind and the soul, to act a constant reminder throughout our busy daily lives. I decided against posting a long list of new year's resolution, but this is a perfect alternative - a single word to encapsulate my motivation for the year.

My word for 2013 is: Connect

I want to really connect with the new people I meet, old friends I see regularly or those lifers that are a life-long constant that only pass in and out occasionally. Not connecting is so much easier, it's really easy to 'visit' someone, to 'catch up' or even spend a weekend with them talking rubbish. But to really make meaningful connections is a whole different ball game! Unless I find the connection comes completely naturally I am often guilty of not trying. I found it telling when I was looking through for some inspirational photo for this post that I couldn't find many of people doing things together and creating connections. Well that is all going to change! (And maybe taking photos of people can be a new sub-wish!).

This photo I captured back on a weekend trip to Brighton really encapsulated what I want to achieve - to build up meaningful one-on-one connections with the people in my life. I love the way these deck chairs are in pairs, surveying the world outside, but by facing ever so slight towards each other, as if sharing a special moment. :) I want to be like these chairs, to share moments, create special bonds and nurture and maintain them. I am going to look people in the eye, smile and embrace them (well metaphorically speaking, not physically....I don't want to end up in an institute. Just clarifying.).

Do you have a word for the year? Never to late to come up with one!

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