Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Knicker Elastic in the Big Apple

Hi guys, sorry for the radio silence. I got abducted by Mr Fantastic and whisked to the other side of the pond for a lovely mini-break! :) New York City was JUST as cool as I'd always imagined. Like a bigger, brighter, badder London...but with friendly people that actually talk to you! :p

As you can imagine I snapped away constantly! Those of you on Instagram (@knickerelasticfantastic) may have seen a few prime peeks already, but as well as those here are my favourites!

Our first view of NYC in the bright light of morning. This was our street in East Village, just perfect!

Straight off we started exploring for a legendary all American breakfast. Maybe the infamous Katz's between the monster trucks?! Apparently the spot where Meg Ryan once got a little overexcited in a certain famous film! ;) Nah, we eschewed this in favour of the tiny Shopsin's in Essex Street Market for their quirky macaroni cheese pancakes, surprisingly yum!

A lovely stroll around Central Park. We grabbed a prezel, hot dog and a GIANT iced coffee and stopped to watch the local softball team kick up a storm in the dirt! You go gals! (p.s. LOVE the pink helmets!)

Skyscrapers through the trees in Central Park! The light was gorgeous everyday. And what a lovely spot for a romantic picnic.....or a snooze!

I was keen to check out Brooklyn flea market and despite a disastrous cab ride all over Williamsburg and ending up further away than we started(!) I'm super glad we made the effort! The stalls was fantastic, full to the the brim with of all sorts of weird and wonderful vintage gear and trinkets. I could have filled 10 suitcases with unique treasures from that place. Too bad we only had hand luggage!! :(

A few more city snaps from the big apple: The Meat Packing district, Mr Fantastic amidst the fast moving crowds in Grand Central Station (...hmmm where to next..?!), skyscrapers and a frenzy of yellow cabs in theatre land.

Nope, too right, I couldn't cut down a whole long day to a mere few frames, so there may indeed be a second instalment to look forward to this space! :)