Sunday, 6 October 2013

DIY Fantastic: Studded flip-flops

In this space called blogsphere I have an inkling that everyone's planning their posts way in advance. I reckon most of you must be busy plotting your halloween posts and projects by now!! But not round these parts! :s I'm still clinging on to summer. I actually pulled together this DIY at the very tail end of Summer and clearly we're full on into Autumn now. But I loved the results of this DIY and I've already worn these bad boys so much that I figured I'd share it here. So in honour of the balmy, warm autumn weekend we've just had here and for all those down under who are excited for the arrival of summer I give you our flip-flop makeover!

I always love hanging out in flip-flops, they are easy, comfy and fun! I have so many pairs that I decided to take this simple brown pair and embellish them for an extra edge.

The ingredients were:

1. Your favourite flip-flops
2. Studs in your preferred shape and colour
3. Glue
4. Tweezers
5. Pliers

I thought about trying to pierce the flip-flops with the studs and attach them that way, but it quickly became apparent this was a no-goer! So instead I took the studs and flattened the spikes with the tweezers to give them a flat back with the spikes as fillers that would help the glue adhere. 

I planned the arrangement I wanted for the studs along the flip-flops, leaving a gap in the studs along the name. Then using a wooden stick we popped a dollop of glue on the back of the stud, another dollop on the flip-flops, gave them a few moments to start to set a little and then popped the glue-armed stud in place. Hold it there for a little while until the stud feels secure and hey presto!

Follow this along the thongs of the flip-flops until you have glued on your whole pattern and then you're there! Just let the glue set completely overnight and then you're good to go!

And last but not least, take your flip-flops to the beach! We took them to Camber Sands on a sunny day and they were perfect! :)

Oh and we couldn't help but spend some time doing silly poses like these (and pulling exactly the same face in them all!), hehe!