Wednesday, 28 May 2014

DIY Fantastic: Wedding Logo

I think so far I've managed to keep the wedding related posting fairly minimal on here. I'm torn between sharing all the progress we're making, but also wanting to save plenty of surprises for all our guests on the day. Oh and also being so super duper busy and lacking in internet in our new place that blog posts really haven't had a snowball's chance in hell of happening this month!

Long ago, when we first got engaged I started sketching ideas for a little wedding logo. It was more just for fun to start with, something to doodle in my spare moments and breaks! It was also helping to develop ideas for a theme and ideas for the stationary. But I got very excited about them and took my designs to Isabel to turn them into reality!

I started off pinning ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. As you well know, Mr Fantastic and I are obsessed with our wheels!! Be they of the scooter or bicycle sort!! Ben and I both cycle almost every day and we both have vespas too, so it's a passion that we share I wanted to work it into our whole day somehow. I did some research into cycle logos and picked out some of my favourite components from them. I particularly loved the look of vintage bike logos. These images are from herehere and here:

Then I started to pick out key elements that I liked or thought were relevant and combining them into a series of doodles! I played around with a number of different compositions, trying out different fonts and details. Some of the ideas I sketched are here:

Here are some of our design developments:

And finally after a lot of tweaking and jiggery pokery in illustrator, we had something that looks a little bit like a real logo and probably not much like a wedding logo!!!

Ah well, there are plenty of things about our wedding that are going to be not very wedding-y, this can just be one more of them!

We combined the gear cog form our bikes with our initials and ampersand in a cute little heart! I could go all soppy right here, something along the lines represent our hearts being joined together in harmonious matrimony...but don't worry I shan't! We added some wings to give it a more interesting shape and to represent the lightness of our love....drat got carried away again! But my personal favourite piece is the establishment of our marriage in 2014 in Wadhurst!

Oooh, you also got a sneak teaser of the actual invite there, lucky things!! :) There will be a more complete reveal to come, I promise.

In all honesty I have been going a little logo crazy, it's been popping up in all sorts of the dates, wedding invites, on the back of envelopes etc etc. I'm sure I'll even find a few more places for it to appear, particularly as I have now got a little rubber stamp made with it. So, keep your eyes peeled! :)