Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The ultimate DIY wedding: the service

And on to part two, the main event - the wedding service itself! All these photos are once again courtesy of our lovely photographer Anushé Low

Don't Ben and the boys looked super dashing in black tie?! We made matching coral bow ties for the wedding party and sprung them on the lads along with coral socks and fuchsia braces the morning of the wedding (less opportunity to object!)! Ben loves a bit of Bond and kept joking he wanted to be James Bond on his wedding day. Black tie is as Bond as you get and I love any excuse to dress up, so we went for it. And I'm so pleased we did! Thank you to everyone who made the effort to dress up, either in black tie or an equally stylish get-up, you all looked fabulous! :)

Waiting at the altar, no sign of nerves! ;) 

The service was lovey, Felicity our curate made it super special and personal and delivered a lovely message we wholeheartedly believe in. I am so pleased all our family and friends were there to witness and share our vows with us, it gave them yet an extra level of depth and meaning (as if they weren't meaningful enough already!!).

Dad's singing always puts a smile on my face! :) I had dad in one ear and Ben in the other so I have no clue if I managed to stay in tune!! ;) See more of the orders of service that we designed and made here.

Anna and Joanna both did a splendid job despite only coming three quarters of the way up the lecturn!! ;) They both delivered such lovely readings that were equally moving and entertaining. This was the part of the service where I almost lost my composure!

Don't they all look beautiful! We are so lucky to have such a gorgeous and loving bunch of family and friends!

The singing is always my favourite part of a service and I was super stoked to have everyone singing their hearts out! Ben's motto is always - get the menfolk excited about dancing the girls will follow suit. And I think the same applies for singing! So we had all the sporting classics - Jerusalem for the English, Bread of Heaven for the Welsh and Give Me Joy...for those who don't like sport!

My cousin Dylan has an unfair share of all the family's Welsh choral genes. I would give almost anything for an ounce of his talents!! But he was super sweet to agree to sing a gorgeous acoustic rendition of My Song while we signed the registers. It was beautiful and my only regret is we were too busy signing to really listen as intently and completely as I would have liked!

The whole thing was over so quickly and soon we all burst out of the church into the sun to celebrate with everyone. I loved this bit, with so many people to say hello to and hug and high-five!

The confetti run was hilarious! As you can see all our lovely guests made a really long line so it felt like it went on for ever!!! Ben insisted that we make a run for it ('they shouldn't have all the fun!') so I hoicked up my skirts and we legged it. I think maybe you can tell I found it hilarious! :) Couldn't resist a sneaky little gif at the end here.

Next we were whisked away back to the reception venue in the convertible to be greeted with champagne and canapés...(dot dot dot!!)

A few key links below for the curious:
Photos all courtsey of Anushé Low
Ben's tux is from Ted Baker
Ben's black Loake brogues
Isabel's coral maxi dress
Flowers ordered from the Triangle Nurseries
Church St Peter's and St Paul, Wadhurst
Mum's coral Topshop jacket