Monday, 21 January 2013

Round up of 2012

I know that it's already getting close to the end of January and I'm super excited about what the rest of 2013 has to hold! But given that 2012 was such a big year for Knicker Elastic Fantastic. (Hey, it was the year all this fantastic diy jazz kicked off round these parts and for that reason alone will be a special one for me!) So I couldn't let it pass without a teeny round up of my favourite bits (okay, well most of the parts, but I hope you'll humour me!). Drum roll please.....and here they all are:

As a reminder you can check each of these diys out here:
1. Mr Munch the sock monster
2. Oil tin pot planter upcycle
3. Fabric i-phone case
4. Crystal embellished giant green sweater
5. Studded jean shorts

Thanks for everything 2012 and thanks to you folks for sticking with me! :)

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