Sunday, 27 January 2013

My new best friend: Bernina

I am a very lucky lady indeed and I am here today to introduce you to my new best friend: my sewing machine! I have been on the hunt for just such a specimen for MONTHS, possibly years and hey presto my clever mama and sister found just the machine for the job. On my 30th birthday (eeek!) I was treated to a surprise family party and presented with my very own Bernina. She's a beautiful Bernina in cream and moss and harks back from long before I was born! She is definitely considerably older and wiser than me and we think she is older than my mama! What a beaut'!

She has already proved her mettle - sewing through leather, denim and numerous layers of material. She's a solid workhorse made with Swiss precision and style. Her insides run as smooth as clockwork and she runs like a dream! *swoon* Is there such a thing as sewing machine porn? 'Cause if not I think I might have just invented it! :p

I have one hundred and one different projects and ideas running through my head that need a sewing machine. And I no longer have any excuses! So, expect to see lots of (super simple) sewing projects coming this way shortly! I shall start out simple for sure, but I have some ambitious plans forming in my mind for Bernina and I and I'm not one to shirk a challenge, so lets see where this next adventure take us!

Welcome Bernina and thank you thank you thank you mama, papa and izzy!