Monday, 30 September 2013

Our Lomography Summer - Part II

So, for the second part of the grand summer tour through the Mini-Diana lomography lens! :)

First off - the absolute winner of the whole film! Portraits of Izzy and I with a green and purple flash shot over each other! This wasn't even done on purposes, we were bummed when we realised we'd shot them over each other, but actually the result couldn't have been more fabulous!

Also turns out this lomography malarkey does wonders for your skin, I don't think we've ever looked so flawless! :p

Helloooo miss model! Beautiful Isabel under a pink glaze looking like a seventies muse.

Next off we have Cherry and Vanessa's first day trip to a British beach. Full of all the things you'd typically associate with it - wind, rain, scampi and chips and a British determination to actually swim! Most remarkably it looks like we even had a spot of sunshine at some point!

A soft focus New York including a donught brekkie in Brooklyn with a view back over the Hudson and Manhattan, the view from the highline and the East Village street where our apartment was. It's like they've got hazy with time, like happy memories! :)

Finally, a walk along the marina into the sunset in Ibiza Town on our the last night on the party Isle. Saying goodbye to Ibiza. An apt end to this film!

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