Wednesday, 25 September 2013

DIY Fantastic: Magnetic Pineapple Chalkboard

We have a freezer!!!! This is exciting stuff. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it has revolutionised the way we eat, cook, shop and snack. Okay, I'm getting carried away, maybe not revolutionised, but changed A LOT! As part of my new obsession with the fridge I also realised that it needs a little sprucing up to avoid looking like a giant white blot in the flat. Useful white blot, but a blot nonetheless! So, I have started to attack it with gusto and put my diy skills fully into Decorate-the-Fridge mode.

This was easy squeezy and only even needed two ingredients: magnetic material and chalkboard PVC. To try and jazz things up a little I opted for an exotic shape for my blackboard - a pineapple! So in addition to those two ingredients I also used pen and paper to make a pineapple shape and sharp scissors for all the cutting, so in reality that was a fib!

Then the actual steps are just as simple! The first thing we did was whip up a template for our pineapple. As you can see below, there are (believe it or not) a LOT of different ways to draw a pineapple!! Eventually we struck on a shape we were happy with and cut out our template. :)

Next we took the PVC roll and cut out an A4 sized piece to stick onto the magnetic sheet:

The trick here is just to ensure that you have no trapped bubbles, other than that there's not too much to it! Once it was firmly stuck down we trimmed the edges, but to be honest we could have skipped this step as we lopped off a lot more shortly.

We then took out pineapple and placed it in the middle of the rectangle. Using the chalk draw around it being as careful or as carefree as you like - it's chalk so it rubs right off if you go wrong!

Then we took scissors to the pattern and snipped our your way around the outside. I was careful not to cut too much off too quickly, you can always trim it down but you can't add it back. Ha!

Then we took the chalk to the cut board to prime the surface and smoothed it over with our fingers to create the perfect background. Then we popped it on the fridge door and you're ready to start making a list! :)

How does a magnetic chalk board stick to a brick wall, I hear you ask! M A G I C. 'Nuff said! :p Okay, we fess up. Turns out it's basically impossible to make giant white fridge look glamorous! This is Izzy turning up the glamour stakes in a vain effort to produce the shot. Clear fail!!!

And this is more what it looks like after a few of said cocktails! ;)

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