Friday, 9 January 2015

2015 New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year again - new year's resolutions!! I love a new start, a fresh moleskin, a clean page, a new beginning. The wealth of possibilities makes me giddy, my imagination runs wild. Where could we be by the end of 2015? Living in our finished dream DIY home? Hosting our first Christmas dinner? Sailing around the world? Cycling across America?

The only thing holding me back is making that first step. Every notebook I've ever used has a blank first page. Making that first mark is way too much pressure for that first page. So I always start on the second page. Or the last page and work backwards. I have a whole notebook that I filled from the back to front. Maybe 2015 should be the year I pluck up the courage to start on the first page and just see what happens...

Here we go - these are some really practical things I want to focus on in 2015:

1. Renovations! We have a list as long as my arm of jobs to do, so it's a matter of breaking them down and tackling them task by task until the whole house is almost there. Specifically I want by the end of 2015 (eeek not wishing the whole year away here!!!) to have a house that works FOR our lifestyle rather than against it!!

2. Entertaining (renovations permitting!). We have our dining room up and running, with a table, chairs, crockery and cutlery. We're all set! And to kick things of as we mean to go on - we have our first guests arriving this weekend! :) Minimum target is one dinner a month (excluding family as that'd be too easy!!). 

3. Creativity - everyday day on my commute I think of wierd and wonderful paintings and artworks I'd love to try my hand at. This year it want to stop dreaming of them and start creating them. Plus we have a heck of a lot of blank walls to start covering...!! I want to simply get paint on a canvas at least once a week - even if it's just a few more blotches - by the end of the year it may be a masterpiece!?

4. Organisation - our possessions are still flung over our house with no thought for system or process. They've just gone in the nearest drawer or still stacked in boxes!! This year I want to find everything a new home, where it will fit, be happy, hanging out with similar objects and be a hundred times more findable!

5. And last but not least - Acceptance. Everything may not be as I hoped and dreamt it would be in our lives as we start out in 2015. But, our lives are rich and fulfilling and I want to learn to love it again and to remain grateful for all the wonderful people in it. I hope to allow my dreams and hopes for our future to change and evolve, without clinging desperately to a past and a future that's now long gone. As I said anything could happen, but whatever it is I want to make the most of it!

There we are, a list of resolutions of sorts. Not so much things to give up, rather things to do MORE of!! Do you do new year's resolutions? Any good ones I could pinch? :)

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