Sunday, 25 January 2015

2014 in Review!

We're past mid January now, so a belated welcome into our world 2015! What big shoes you have to fill. 2014 included sewing miles of bunting, working on my photography, a few small life events like throwing our wedding, honeymooning in Greece, renovating our hearts out, learning to love woodwork and sanding, learning to hate putting up curtain rails...and then eventually getting the hang of it! :)

But don't worry 2015, we've also had our share of worn out soles, shiny toe-pinchers and the leaky boots in 2014. It's been a roller-coaster - both my best and worst year so far. Naturally I don't share much of the down days here - when the choices I've made cease to make sense any longer. But that doesn't mean the ugly stuff doesn't exist - the last 6 months have probably been the hardest of my life (hmm maybe it had been bit a cruise up to that point in all honesty!). But I am working on trying to remember all that I have, to remain ever grateful for it rather than focus on what we don't have.

Anyway, for now I want to remember and celebrate my favourite bits of 2014, from the blog and personally:

Lost a fiance but gained a husband (and this is how I feel about it!!). Best bits of our wedding day was shared herehere and here. And there is even more to come (milking this one day for all it's worth!!) so that's enough for now.

After looking and wishing for about a year, we finally closed on our first home together! A blank canvas to turn into our special safe space. Or a black hole into which to throw every spare penny and spare hour? No, noooo!

We've started in earnest on the renovations, this has been a little under wraps on here - too busy actually sanding to post about it!! But in this cushion DIY we shared a little peak at of our bedroom at the half-way stage. More coming soon! More importantly than just getting to play house in a REAL house with bricks and stuff is we actually have room to invite folks round for dinner or have the 'rents over to stay without forcing them to sleep on the sofa (poor Mum!).

Designing and printing our own wedding stationery was a huge journey! From the initial letterpress sessions, devising a logo, designing and printing the final invites, orders of service, menus - the full works! And then learning how to photograph it...

A complete overhaul in the way I think about food. This one was a complete suprise to me! I've never given a thought to what I eat. In fact, I distinctly remember guzzling a whole grab bag of peanut M&Ms and thinking 'there, I ate the lot and nothing has happened! I should do that more often!' And so I did. Until 2014's spontaneous decision to quit refined sugar completely changed the way I eat. Wow. 

We welcomed my brother and his girlfriend back to Europe after over 7 years down under. It's been awesome and crazy to be able to actually hang out with them over the last few months and can't wait for many more late night conversations over a full bodied Bordeaux and slithers of saucisson! Plus sidekick Izzy landing in Brixton has totally made my year - I've got to spend sooo many hours in her company!

Making flower crowns with all my favourite girls! This was an EPIC day and we then go to wear them out, brilliant. Classiest hen do every. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family that humour my crafty desires! :)

I'm in the thick of my thirties now and they Rock! For anyone not sure sure about the big 3.0. - have no fear. People actually listen to you and take you seriously. You finally learn to not care what anyone else thinks an just DO what makes sense to you (sometimes we learn this a little too late, but better late than never?!). You learn not to stress about those folks who make your life harder and less enjoyable. You embrace those friendships that make you happy and who you can help too. You build up a tribe of folk around you that are all you need to survive and to thrive! 

So, here we go 2015, we're stronger, tougher and know what we want, so come show us what you've got!

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