Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Mini-Diana Lomography Experiment Part II

You may remember this, the first part of The Great Lomography Experiment! The results were awesome, but a little limited (only about 10 photos tops!). So undeterred we have soldiered on and shot another roll of film on the gorgeous Mini Diana. Want to see the results?! Well they are coming right up! Here are some of my favourites, completely pure, unadulterated by photoshop or any other filters!

First off a fantastic view of South London from Josie's flat. What a view! And lucky to catch it at the golden hour on a sunny London day - a rarity!!

The big old 30th birthday! I am a very lucky girl - that cake was EPIC! It will live in legend - my kids will one day hear ALL about it. And if they don't already think I'm ancient then the 70s feel of these shots will definitely confirm it! This is all thanks to the coloured, lime green flash!

Christmas angels decorating the tree! :) Best thing about getting a film developed old school style is that i spans such a wide time frame. Not used to that these days! This second shot above includes two exposures (at least) - one from my birthday and a second at Christmas over 6 weeks later. So basically this whole post is like a round up of the best bits of the last 6 months. Yeay!

Head on a plate, haha! Anyone fancy a nibble of Vanessa? Hanging out in Brixton and Mango Landings. Mostly dancing and flexing our muscles!

One of the best NYEs ever! Nothing can beat a good ol' knees up in the living room with yer buddies. Well, until you bust out your whole collection of hats and sunnies to deck out the team and up the ante another notch! :)

Finally a spot more fancy dress as Claire's hen. I LOVE the effect on this last photo - it must have been the first exposure on the whole film. This is the best thing about lomography, I could never have created that effect with the dslr or photoshop even if i'd tried! Anyone else experimenting with toy cameras? I've love to check out the result...and pick up a few tips! :)

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