Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Grand Tour

Okay, it's hardly a grand tour - we only have two rooms for starters! But we have been in our flat for coming up to three years, and I love it! It was the first place we have shared together and for that reason I shaIl always treasury the memories we have made here. However, despite the best intentions I know it's far too easy to forget so I am making it my mission to document everything about our little haven called home before we leave.

We live in a cute flat in a Victorian terraced house with high ceilings, bay windows and quirky original features. I shall pop up a few of my favourite photos and thoughts every so often over the next couple of months before we have to pack up our belongings and make a new place home for the next few years.

First up are a couple of vignettes from our living room...

A few things to mention about the little tit-bits we've cobbled together over the years in our living area. The blue chest was inherited from my folks, it was varnished wood before, but I'm afraid I couldn't resist turning into a funky blue colour (sorry to the purists out there, Izzwhizz). I kept the original hardware and I love how it contrasts with the bright blue colour.

The large poster print above the fireplace we picked up in Riva Torbole on Lake Garda, Italy on a family holiday last year. It reminds me of my Grandmother's Italian heritage and her time growing up in Italy. It's massive and it was a real mission finding a red frame big enough to hold it! 

The canvas bag is sort of matching as I picked it up on the same holiday and mostly holds my plethora of magazines these days. On the other side of the fireplace are my prized red cowboy boots. These were a hand me down from a family friend and are my go-to gig footwear (they can take a beating and just keep looking better and better for it!).

The bits and pieces on the mantelpiece are constantly changing. But they are usually a collection of bric and brac I have collected or that hold sentimental value and are nestled in and amongst photos of family and friends that I switch up every now and then. 

p.s. please excuse the monstrosity of a tv, that's all down to Mr Fantastic. And yes, that was the tennis he was watching as I scuttled around him snapping away! My saving grace was the fact that I did a massive tidy-up job in order to get the place looking spic and span for the shots!

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