Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Knicker Elastic Slope Style!

So although our ski trip consisted of primarily white-outs, the snow and cloud all seamlessly merging into one, I did manage to snap away on my i-phone once or twice in the brief sunny interludes! So here is our series of postcards from Meribel:

We snuck off piste for some fun back route adventures, we danced to the beats of La Folie Douce, we cheered on the Meribel ice hockey team and at the end of the day we flopped on to the bed exhausted and just looked at that view!


  1. Wow, this looks amazing! Cold. But amazing!
    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

    1. Hehe! Yep Jillian I can confirm - it was bloomin freezing! But awesome fun nonetheless! :)