Sunday, 25 November 2012

DIY project: Necklace organiser

The other day I was scrabbling to find the perfect necklace to go with my outfit and realised that grappling with this giant knot of jewellery was not an ideal scenario:

The previous state of my jewellery drawer - Chaos doesn't even cover it!

So I got to work with a few simple items to assemble into a nifty little necklace hanger. (Assemble is the operative word here, this is as simple as it comes!)

All I used were:
1. A rustic chunk of drift wood. I picked this bad boy up on a trip to Hayling Island at Easter (yes that is exactly how long it took me to get round to putting this altogether!)
2. A fluro lace I picked up with my trainers and was saving for a project just like this!
3. Some hooks I found in the toolbox

Drift wood, laces and hooks

All I did was knot the lace around the drift wood at either end and screw in the hooks along the wood. I hung it up by the lace neck to my dressing table and, voila! Luckily this chunk has a number of protrusions that are perfect for hanging on, bingo!

I love the character of this wood, it's nobly and gnarly and fun! Get out and see what you can find!

Ok, this isn't my entire collection of necklaces, but I need to spend some time untangling them first!

It looks lovely above my dressing table! :)

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