Sunday, 18 November 2012

DIY project: Crystal embellished sweater

So to go with all this Autumnal weather we're having it's time to spruce up the wardrobe. I am useless at layering, far too complicated! So one big snuggily cover-all sweater is right up my street.

I was super lucky to spot this giant GREEN (swoon) sweater in a thrift shop in the Lanes in Brighton on a girly weekend away. And even luckier when we found out that everything in the shop was half price, bin-go! So I nabbed myself this bargainous deal and my diy mind went into overdrive:

It's a giant size XL and super snuggly, but my favourite thing is that is has someone else's name ironed into the inside. So XXXX if you're out there, your old sweater has gone to a great home and is making me very happy right now! :)

I decided some further embellishments were required to give this the bling factor. I already told you, I'm obsessed. What I used:

Swarovski sparkles! I know you've already seen these, but they are just TOO pretty!
Plus some nifty tweezers and fabric glue.

The comes the fun bit! Get crafty with the sparkles and glue to embellish the eagle! Careful with this glue, it's toxic so use in a well ventilated area and the tweezers really help you avoid getting glue EVERYWHERE!

The tweezers were a godsend! 
As well as embellishing the eagle I added some bling to the lettering.

This was a pretty simple project and the results are bling-tastic! Now I feel I can wear this sweater out anywhere, it's given it a big lift and a smidgin of fashion qudos! This is what the finished article looked like - I popped it on with some patterned leggings and little black boots, yummy! I'd wear this to hit the shops, indulging in a long sunday roast or just relaxing with friends.

The finished article!

Worn with patterned leggings

Or hang out with the cat! :) Ok he's the neighbours', but he likes to visit us when they're out! 

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