Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wishes: to eat more greens

Figs, picked fresh from the tree!

Oh it's easy to make these brash resolutions on here, and it's even easier when the villa has five huge fig trees in the garden literally weighed down by the plum juicy figs on it's branches! I couldn't get through enough of these little green fellas in Ibiza, but luckily the rest of the garden wildlife was doing a good job of helping. 

So now we're home it'll take a little more effort (who am I kidding) to keep up the good work. Especially as we descend into the wild, wet and windy winter and figs become a fig-ment of my imagination (ta-dah!). But at least there will be plenty of turnips, swedes and other root vegetables in the supermarkets....sob sob. 

Oooh and the legendary sprouts of Brussel might make it on to the dinning table for their once annual outing, on that holiest of holy days. Aha, there's something to look forward to! 

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