Wednesday, 5 September 2012

DIY: Going Potty

We are going totally potty in this household, cooped up indoors during the rain. So it was a lovely treat when the man around the house brought me these beautiful delicate purple campanula flowers from the diy store! He even popped the pot into this marrons tin I'd had lying around for a few weeks, and doesn't it look perfect? He's a fast learner this one!

So simple, yet effective. Just take a fun old tin can and use it as a container for your plants. I picked this up in a supermarket in France, but if you keep your eyes peeled in the shops there are some super pretty ones to be found!

If you are going to plant directly into it then make a few drainage holes in the bottom, or if you have a pot that fits inside then simply pop it in.

Add it to the collection!

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