Monday, 15 August 2016

Coming Soon!

So I've been keeping a little something under wraps on here for a while. But it's getting a bit real and a little tricky to hide, so I'm coming clean! We have a Mini Fantastic arriving to join the team very shortly!!

This gorgeous illustration from our wonderful niece has been up on our wall for months now, I love it! To clarify, yes that is Mr Fantastic on the right in a pink dress, pink stubble, red lipstick and rings on every finger! Brilliant. Our little niece is in the middle with the red bow in her hair. And I'm on the left with the flowery dress and a little baby growing inside - Our niece is convinced we're having a boy, I'm also convinced it's a boy (no particular basis for this!), but we'll have to wait and see for sure - it will be a surprise when it arrives! At least he looks happy to be growing inside me, and that makes me feel very grateful. 

In April, at four months when it looked as though I've had myself a very large lunch! :)

We've been a little hesitant to share the news very publicly so far, since it's been a little bit of a twisty road for us to get to this point. We barely believed it to being with, counting the days as we got through them. Then we felt like we were walking on eggshells for months, which was tense. But now with our little pocket rocket bashing around on an hourly basis and my growing bump getting hard to conceal, our anxieties have finally started to abate. I am now absolutely determined to enjoy the final few steps of this pregnancy journey and celebrate the changes in my body and the small life growing within, for it really is truly remarkable.

Back in Venice on our 'baby-moon' in May, at about four months and a bit and my tummy is starting to round, but is a little tucked away under that big wooly jumper!

Exploring Burano at the same time (about 4 months and a bit. Incredibly scientific with these dates!).

And most recently at 36 weeks in France with Mr Fantastic on a family holiday.

Each day we grow this little munchkin a bit more is incredibly special. We are savouring every day of our pregnancy, every wriggle and kick, every ache and pain and every huff and puff (sort of)!! But we're also eagerly awaiting it's arrival at the end of the summer. We've been so focussed on the pregnancy journey itself so far, parenthood has just seemed like a distant concept. But as we near our due date, this motherhood malarkey is starting to feel rather more real! I am a teensy bit apprehensive, but in reality so looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. We're both very ready to embrace all the changes in our lifestyle that this little arrival is going to mean and going through them together is going to be both wonderfully challenging and rewarding, all at the same time. Mini Fantastic, we are ready and waiting for you! xx

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