Saturday, 23 April 2016

Birthday boy!

This weekend has been a very special someone's birthday! I don't go bragging about this fella on here all day every day, but I probably should do. So, I figured it was high time to embarrass him with his very own five minutes of blogging glory! 

He's the kindest, most thoughtful and patient person I have ever met. He brings out all the best in me, keeps me calm and on the straight and narrow!! He gives the best cuddles and kisses and oh and did I mention that he's super handsome?!?!

He laughs at my silly jokes, he's given up horror films for me, he loves everything Italy and Italian even more than I do! He pretends to enjoy going to the ballet with me, he let's me use him as a climbing frame and makes me lukewarm teas and milky coffees (yep, that's exactly how I like them!). 

He eats everything I cook, no matter how random/terrible (you know those fridge hoover dinners where you turn all the random leftover veggies into a stir fry!). He humours my seedlings in the house, he encourages my blogging and humours my incessant photo taking!

We've had a super busy weekend filled to the brim with celebrations and friends. It's been brilliant! But tonight, after all the birthday antics, it's just him and I, curled on the sofa, reflecting on the highlights of the weekend and planning our next one. This might seem like the most low key part of the weekend, the down time. But these are just as great in so many small ways as the big eventful hours. In fact, I think that these are some of the best bits of life, the daily routines, the quiet reflections, digesting the day and planning our future. And most importantly  I love sharing them all with you Ben! xxxxxx

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