Saturday, 19 December 2015

10 Top Tips for Home Framing

Having spent rather a large amount of time framing and putting photos on the wall over recent months, I can safely say we've learnt a thing or two about what the process (and had a few heated debates along the way!!). Be it 'to dos' or 'not to dos', I think we finally have our process down! Although it's unique to everyone, I thought I'd round up TEN of our top tips for home framing to hopefully help you on along the way.

1. Don't be precious about your walls

Fill them with nail holes if needs be. Most will end up covered by the frames themselves anyway and any that don't will only take two ticks to hide with a dab of quick-dry polyfill, a dainty sanding and a teensy dollop of paint. :)

This is sometimes the hardest part - getting started! Once you get a few nails in the wall you'll find it hard to stop! Or so I'm hoping...

2. Frame things you LIKE and that make you HAPPY

I don't care if it's not THE latest trend or by THE latest artist, if it creates a happy harmonious home that's what really matters. You're the one that will be spending the most time looking at them, so if they offend your eyes, keep them locked up in the dark!

A real mixture of mediums is idea - anything from photos, artwork, prints, ticket stubs, doodles or sketches and the family's finger paintings. Whatever it that reminds you of the good things in life, get 'em up!

3. Frames first

If you have a fortune to spend on custom frames, then ace, go for it! If like most of us you're not made of money, then buy the frames first and then fill them! Even better, keep a little list of things you want to frame WITH THEIR DIMENSIONS alongside in you Filofax/smart phone/paper diary (I may be the only person left in the universe that has one of those still!). That way you can check before you buy.

Every single frames image in this post has been thrifted or inherited and we've had to learn to work our magic from there!

4. Mix and match

I am a big fan of mix and match. Be it a mix of colours, shapes, styles or sizes. What's more, I love frames with character. Ben keep berating me for picking out the most battered chipped frames I can find. In addition to what you're framing, the actual frames themselves bring a whole lotta fun to the party too! If they've been around the block a few times, they have their own story to tell too...

On the flip side, if you like a bit more consistency or a smarter look, then a simple splash of spray paint is a fabulous fix for a themed look. A variety of frame sizes and shapes look fabulous all black or white. You can see more on spray painting frames here.

5. Mount

If there is anything that will make you family snapshots looks like premium pro prints or you dabbles in watercolour look like masterpieces it's a good wide mount or mat. They can cost as little as a few pounds and yet make your work look a million dollars! You can opt for a simple wide neutral mat or a experiment with a little colour as we did here. Seriously give it a go, I promise you won't look back.  

6. Go BIG

Your walls are likely to be waaaay bigger than you think! When sitting on your sofa you don't want to have to squint to get a glimpse of your favourite Auntie's pea-sized head on the opposite wall. Go down that route and you'll be wearing thick as your thumb GLASSES in no time. Instead go for frames, art and prints that will make an impact, be big, brash and bold!

7. Get creative with your layouts

There are so many options when it comes to layouts on the walls. From a regular Instagram inspired square grid to a free form, organic, mix and match gallery style. Try a long single row all aligned at the top or a single supersize frame. Cluster frames together in small groups or pile them up on a shelf. Experiment and try all the options until you find an approach that works for you.

8. Experiment with colours

So many options when it comes to colours, in my opinion the colours in an image/photo are almost the most important thing! Pick out colours you love, or colours that bring out the theme of the room, go all black and white for a timeless classic look, stick to a few key colours for a harmonious pulled together feel or go all out for an over the top eclectic look (yup, that'll be me then!). 

9. Balance

This is important to get that intentional put together look for a room. Your art work and walls are a huge part of the room and need to work WITH the rest of the decor, NOT against it. Think about balancing scale, colours, alignment, themes, motifs etc. The way we worked photos into the shelf above our hallway hooks is a good example.

Unless of course, the theme is 'More is More'. In which case, just go for well...more.

10. Have FUN! 

With this cheap as chips approach to framing the most important things is TO GET THEM UP ON THE WALL! Sounds crazy, but all to easy to sit with a pile of frames on the floor waiting for the PERFECT image, the perfect FRAME, the perfect SPOT etc etc etc. instead, just go with what you've got and once you end up with something better, switch it up then. Easier to modify what you've got than start from scratch!! 

And finally a sneaky bonus point - I was on fire and couldn't let you miss out on this gem! ;)

11. Think outside the box

Anything that you can safely mount can go on the walls, it doesn't need to be square and flat! You can add mirrors, empty frames, ceramics, decorative plates, wall hangings, textiles, carpets, tapestries. Basically ANYTHING goes on them walls!!

So, what you waiting for. Go fill those walls...


  1. I love this post, probably because I love putting stuff up on my walls! I think having a lot of photos or art displayed is what really makes a house look amazing. I feel inspired to put even more stuff up now, I have a couple of prints waiting to be hung, now is the time :)

  2. I love this post, probably because I love putting stuff up on my walls! I think having a lot of photos or art displayed is what really makes a house look amazing. I feel inspired to put even more stuff up now, I have a couple of prints waiting to be hung, now is the time :)