Friday, 12 June 2015

My Blogtacular Manifesto

I have taken a deep deep breath and signed up for Blogtacular this year! I took one look at Grace's Bonney's key note speech topic, all about 'the fear' and it completely reminded me to 'feel the fear and do it anyway'. A long lost motto of mine from my school days...when I was fearful but fearless, or so it seemed! 

To justify this leap to myself the doubting voices in my head, I've created my own little 'Blogtacular Manifesto' - a list of all the things I want to achieve/do this weekend! I was totally inspired by Elise's summer manifesto, this is something I've done lots of each year, but never formalised or actually shared before! :/

So, here goes:
1. Fill a WHOLE notebook with ideas, thoughts and inspiration. Pretty sure that's going to be easy peasy! 
2. Go up to my online blogging heros and just say 'hi, I love your work'. Rather than blurt out nonsense, stutter, mumble and then shuffle on!
3. Get down and dirty with all crafting activities on offer - these are my favourite!
4. Not even consider trying to 'network'!! Instead I'm going to trick my brain and focus on chatting, sharing jokes and finding out interesting things about everyone else (aka networking without the scary title!!) 
5. Make some new friends, like, in person, not just online!
6. Continue to make connections and share things with all those folk and friends long after Blogtacular comes to a close (sniff). 
7. Maybe take a FEW pictures to share on IG/twitter, but don't take thousands (I want people to meet me not my iphone!).
8. Hand out all the blog business cards I've hand made (even if I give them out to randoms on the street at the train station, I'm not carrying any home!)
9. Decide on five things I'm going to do differently after Blogtacular and how I'll do them.
10. And most importantly - have FUN!! 

There, doesn't seem half so difficult now! Phew!

P.s. You can also check out my 2015 'things to do more of' here

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  1. Ohmygosh, that's perfect. I so agree on the 'networking'. I totally believe it can be done just by connecting with people. I'm going to print out your manifesto 😊