Thursday, 18 September 2014

DIY Wedding: Stationery part II

Next up we have the rest of the wedding related stationery. After whetting your appetites with the formal invites, I now want to share the rest of beautiful paper pieces! Namely the orders of service, menus and place names. Three cheers for yet more paper wedding paraphernalia!! No? That just me?! ;)

For the orders of service I whipped up a quick illustration of the church for the front from a grainy old black and white picture we found online. We used some of the original hand drawn artwork from the invites for the rest of the cover. It's magic what Izzy can do with a scanner and photoshop! :) The interior itself we kept very simple in black text with a decorative loose calligraphy font called Bombshell Pro for the titles. We wrapped all the finished booklets up in a variety of bright ribbons.

The beauties we pictured here have actually been on a bit of an adventure! The morning after the wedding, I realised that none of us had kept any orders of service! I was a little distraught, but figured if worst came to worst we could actually just print out some more and pretend they were original. No one would know. But I would!!! But unbeknown to me at this point, my lovely, thoughtful cousins had quickly, and thankfully, swept up all the abandoned orders of service from the church pews after the ceremony, and whisked them all back to the reception. Without quite realising it, these then made the rounds first on their family holiday to France and then all the way back up to Edinburgh, hiding in the boot of the car!!! Clever little things these!! They finally made it home with me on a flight a few weeks back, so they definitely took the scenic route!! 

The place cards were SO much fun to make! We had all these wonderful thick watercolour card cutoffs left from the invites just crying out to be turned into placecards. Naturally I turned to my watercolours and let rip with splashes of colour to create the backdrops! So liberation to splash colour around like that - the messier and artier the better! Ha!

I contrasted the whimsical delicate colour with bold black hand written calligraphy names and loved the result. Ta-dah! Job done.
Oh yeah then I wrote 99 more of them....!

Last but not least, the menus. I wanted everyone to have a personal menu - there is nothing more important than knowing how much room you need to save for pudding!! (Not a joke.) We used a similar calligraphy font for the headings combined with a quirky handwritten one and laid it all out in a tall upright orientation.

They were packed with detail on all the delicious home grown ingredients and local reared meats and hand picked cheeses that our wonderful caterers Nikki and team sourced from local farmers and producers! The three formal meal courses were laid out on the front, plus our hand picked wines on the back along with a selection of artisan cheeses and five different types of bread for midnight munchies.  Gosh, re-reading all that has got me quite peckish, again...!

Hmm, shall just see if I can find myself a little snack before bed....nom nom.

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