Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Travel Fantastic: Ibiza 2013

To all those of you out there over the pond, hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! :) Wish we had something to spice up November! As the temperatures plummet here and the days get dark and muted, I am are full on dreaming about the summer just gone. Man I miss those balmy hot summer days!

To keep me going, here are a few highlights from our trip to Ibiza this summer. Strangely, Ibiza is one of the few places I can keep going back to year after year. I never tire of it! I'm usually the designated driver and I love landing and knowing the roads (there aren't that many of them!). It feels like arriving home. Well, just without the rain. But as well as the tarmac (!) I love the colours, the blue of the sky and the vibrant flowers, the chilled out vibes and the beautiful people! :)

Above, lush vibrant flowers! And below, the board walk along Playa Talamanca, our nearest beach this time and a new one for us.

Our typical Spanish looking apartment block, with some beautiful flowers in the garden!

Strolling to the beach and plotting that evening's entertainment!

Typical Ibizan villa along the beach front with a wonderfully lush looking garden.

The most delicious fruit cocktails on the beachfront. We may or may have not spent whole days sitting in the beach front cafe, sipping and gossiping! :)

Moody looking sky, we made a quick exit from the beach this evening!

The best fresh figs ever. Amazing green colour, juicy and sweet. Mmmmmm....

Beautiful girls all set to dance all night long!

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