Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fantastic travels: Switzerland

Ready for a bit of reminiscing from the last days of Summer 2013?! We had a fabulous long weekend in Switzerland with the wonderful Chase-Holzhauers as our hosts. We did ALL things Swiss - ate fondue, hiked in the mountains and swam in rivers. In fact, we swam in a river every day of our visit, result!

First off a visit to the deer park and zoo in Basel where we had a little paddle. Lisa experimented with an impromptu dip in the deeper end (aka slip on the rocks!) and we realised it was a great idea and soon all followed suit in our undies. Thankfully I've spared you photographic evidence of this, not pretty! :p But Lis still managed to keep smiling after her dip. :)

Cute little pig at the zoo. So furry!

The full Swiss Monty welcome dinner - fondue, and more fondue! Out on the terrance as the sun set, bliss. All followed by a competitive games night that went on into the wee hours!

The next day we set out to explore the neighbourhood on foot, taking in lots of the local villages, a river crossing and a couple more dips in the river (I did warn you!).

Such pretty, well kept houses, gorgeous countryside and warm rivers (ish!).

On our last day we hit the big boy - the Rhein through Basel. Here we are armed with our Wickel fish waterproof bags ready for the ride. There were hundreds of bods floating downriver, hopping out towards the end of the town, shaking off, walking back upstream and doing the same thing all over again! This is how the Swiss rock and I loved it! 

Oh and just to prove we saw a teeny bit of culture in the histroic town of Basel:

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