Thursday, 18 July 2013

Knicker Elastic Travel Fantastic: New York - Part II

You lot didn't really think I could fit ALL my NYC pics in a single post, right? Too right I couldn't! So, I've collected together a few more of my favourites to share with you below.

Straight to the top of the Rockerfeller for magic hour and the usual spectacular views:

Lunch of oysters and champagne in Grand Central Station, yum! Such a vast array of different types of Oysters, where to start??!

Trying to look like I'm not posing in front of this giant USA flag in Williamsburg!

The Yankees stadium in the Bronx! I LOVE the stripes of the grass. Dad would be drooling with envy if this was the neighbour's lawn!!

More views of New York's unique perspectives. Colourful murals from the high-line above and below the inside and outside the MoMa. 

Central Park cherry blossom and the ubiquitous American flags on each street corner! 

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club gig at Terminal 5

Oh and I have some super duper exciting news! On the last morning of our trip Mr Fantastic-to-be got one step closer to the real deal and proposed!! Here we are looking very excited celebrating with a breakfast of blueberry and bacon pancakes and mimosas! :)

Now I promise not to let wedding prep take over this entire blog, but I'm sure there may be a few decisions that need mulling over and a few bits and bobs here and there that need a diy makeover! :)


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