Sunday, 10 March 2013

Knicker Elastic Everywhere!

We're experimenting in all corners of social media over here. Apparently, this is what all discerning bloggers must do! Though we never expect to achieve that status, we can give it our best shot! So, we are now fully up and running on various social media apps all over the t'interweb. If you're enjoying our musings on this blog be sure to check out knicker elastic elsewhere...

I am constantly experimenting with Instagram, I love how instant it is and how you're forced to select a single shot rather than a whole album - it means only the very best photos make the cut!

You can follow here to get directly to the snapwidget of my instagram account or simply follow @knickerelasticfantastic in your app. Happy instagramming!

But that's not it - we also have a facebook page. This is great for keeping folks updated when we've posted to the blog or got any gossip to share! Give us a little 'like' if you like what you see! :p

And last but not least is my Pinterest account. I love Pintrest, having a place where you can save all your favourite images, neatly categorised by subject or moods, to browse for inspiration when you're on the move. Nothing beats it! Have a little browse through my latest inspirations...

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