Tuesday, 11 December 2012

DIY Fantastic: Pin cushion

I am just starting to warm up my sewing skills and as I was getting started I started to notice a problem -  pins getting EVERYWHERE! Turns out there is an age old solution to this problem (who'd have thought!) and what better place to start with my sewing than to churn out a simple little pin cushion. Cute, quick and super practical - just how I like my diy projects! The bonus is that this would be super simple to sew by hand as well.

All you need is a few simple things:

All you need to make the pin cushion of your dreams! 

Then simply decide on the size and shape of your desired pin cushion. I went for a small square, about 4 inches wide and cut both sides . Add whatever embelishments/pretty things you fancy at this stage. You can add them once it's finished, but it's easier when it's flat that's all.

Then it's just a case of sewing down all four sides. Leave a small hole to get the wadding in and then sew up the gap. Simples. Then fill it with all your pins and needles and away you go! Now you can really put that cushion to good use making all those projects you so desire!

What a pretty in pink pin cushion!

Flip it over and on the other side you'll find a green monster. So you will never get bored of your cute little pin cushion. It'll be by your side through thick and thin...on your diy adventures!

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