Sunday, 14 October 2012

Well hello autumn!

Walking round in flip-flops, the freedom of shorts and tee, the delicious smell of sun cream, leaving the house with no coat, clobber or cardie...all these things make me happy. The chilly breeze, dismal drizzle and dreary greyness are just not my bag baby! But on a little bike ride we took along the river last weekend it was like the light fantastic! The low golden sunshine gave a magical feeling to the river and the trees, it was gorgeous!

So, hello autumn! I'm gonna open my arms, welcome you in and give you a chance.

The lush autumn sunshine in Wandsworth Park

Today it's another one of those crisp but sunny autumn days, so here goes. We are going to make the most of it and explore a few new areas of South London to see if we can find somewhere we'd love to live, how exciting! 

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