Monday, 2 July 2012

Project: Oil Tin Can Makeover

A super simple oil can makeover to get us started. I constantly badger the folks to collect printed tin cans along their travels. However, I managed to rustled up this one all on my tod after an age of particularly oily dinners. But hey, it's darn yummy and super good for you to boot, right?

Take one empty oil can

Take one tin can opener and whip off the top

Be sure to get a clean cut, or take a pair of pliers to squeeze down any sharp bits.

For some uber neat drainage holes (!) grab a nail and hammer and bash the base of the tin to your heart's content (being super careful of your mits of course). Great therapy if you're having a tough day.

Then simply fill 'er up with the fuel, some wholesome dirt.

And gently pop in your favourite herb. Hey presto!

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