Monday, 30 June 2014

The New House Tour

The internet is a miracle! When you've lived without it for 3 weeks, you suddenly learn to have a whole new level of appreciation for it's little wonders!! Anyway, we've had plenty of other things to fill the internet shaped void in our lives. Namely a wedding to plan (more on that later!) and a brand new house to transform into our home! And finally we're linked back up to the world wide web of wonder.

So, as I shared not long ago, we are proud new homeowners! Since we've been in our new pad for over a month now, I figured it is high time we shared a few glimpses of what we've taken on!

First up the kitchen. It was painted a peeling and bubbling shade of deep red. Nice. We have grand plans for this too, naturally. But so far it's just had a few coats of white paint all over and added a washing machine so far. The washing machine, another one of those indispensable gizmos of modern life, that I got far too excited about when it arrived! Alrighty, I agree, not indispensable, but I remember wearing every single shirt, pair of pants and socks until I'd have to hand wash one of each every evening in preparation for the next day and then lugging my entire wardrobe to the laundrette. Trust me it is MUCH heavier when wet for the carry home. Anyway, I'm digressing. Long term the plan is to knock through the kitchen into the bathroom at the back and create a big kitchen diner. But alas, we have to find a new home for the bathroom before we do that....and not at the end of the garden! 

We have three different bedrooms, one in blue, cream and grey. As you can see, the colour in each is vibrant and dark, the carpet is mostly dodgy and the period features are all hidden away!?! However, what they do all have is period features (yey!), lots of windows and lots of light.

Plus a few other rooms like the living room and hallway, that I'll save for another day! To give you a little idea of what we've tackled so far on the renovations front, this is what the first few days looked like. I have the most amazing family that have all chipped in to help and have done so much of the initial work. They are truly fabulous and we would still be living in chaos if it wasn't for all their help, especially my Dadio. Here are the men of the family looking busy doing manly things and working their renovation magic on day one! :) (Disclaimer: flip flops do not meet health and safety standards for labourers footwear!)

This is clearly going to be a five year project! We shall not be able to flip the house in a few months and in fact, this is not what we want to do. Having longed for a house for such a long time, now that we have one the decision making is all a little overwhelming! Having only ever been able to decide the colour of the bedspread in the past, making choices for the walls, curtains, furniture, floor...eeeeek!

Anyway, I'm pining my inspiration like a mad-lady and starting to try and pick out trends in the images I like. I'm car-booting like it is going out of fashion and generally finding inspiration in all sorts of strange places. So, watch along with us as the space becomes our home and evolves with us as we grow as people and as, well, interior stylists! Ha!

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