Sunday, 30 September 2012

Olympic afterthought

It's absolutely no secret how much I loved the Olympics. I was beside my self in the run up, completely torn during them (what to watch? So many things on, how was a small brain like mine meant to take it all in at once!? But now it's truly over and the aftermath has started to die down, I am having withdrawal symptoms. There, I've said it. So, rather than continue with this cold turkey approach (which is clearly not working!), I thought I'd try and wean myself off it slowly. And in this vein I shall share a few more of my favourite pics from the big events. 

Turns out I wasn't the only massive Olympics and Paralympic fan out there. Wills and Kate seemed to have managed to get super lucky in the ticket ballot, wish I knew how they did it! Here we saw them at Wimbledon, ahem, I mean the Olympic tennis... and they looked almost as engrossed by Murray's walkover of Almagro as I was with them!! ;) 

So Wills, erm who's winning now?

You are my dear! 

Murray grimaces, aherm I mean grins, upon beating Almagro
The most astounding thing at the tennis was the crowd! Even those with doubts about Murray were able to get behind 'Team GB' with the Robson Murray duo on court. Who'd have thought?! And they even did us proud, good job guys!

Serena 'the wall' Williams

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wishes: to eat more greens

Figs, picked fresh from the tree!

Oh it's easy to make these brash resolutions on here, and it's even easier when the villa has five huge fig trees in the garden literally weighed down by the plum juicy figs on it's branches! I couldn't get through enough of these little green fellas in Ibiza, but luckily the rest of the garden wildlife was doing a good job of helping. 

So now we're home it'll take a little more effort (who am I kidding) to keep up the good work. Especially as we descend into the wild, wet and windy winter and figs become a fig-ment of my imagination (ta-dah!). But at least there will be plenty of turnips, swedes and other root vegetables in the supermarkets....sob sob. 

Oooh and the legendary sprouts of Brussel might make it on to the dinning table for their once annual outing, on that holiest of holy days. Aha, there's something to look forward to! 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

DIY: Going Potty

We are going totally potty in this household, cooped up indoors during the rain. So it was a lovely treat when the man around the house brought me these beautiful delicate purple campanula flowers from the diy store! He even popped the pot into this marrons tin I'd had lying around for a few weeks, and doesn't it look perfect? He's a fast learner this one!

So simple, yet effective. Just take a fun old tin can and use it as a container for your plants. I picked this up in a supermarket in France, but if you keep your eyes peeled in the shops there are some super pretty ones to be found!

If you are going to plant directly into it then make a few drainage holes in the bottom, or if you have a pot that fits inside then simply pop it in.

Add it to the collection!