Sunday 16 December 2012

DIY project: Fabric phone case

I've had a hard cover for my iphone for a while now, but I still fling it into my bag with my keys, wallet and other bits and bobs. Not a good move while the screen is bare and naked!

So a little soft pouch phone cover was urgently needed and rather than dive into the first phone store I could find, I set to work on a diy.

I found some fun stripy material lurking around (in fact it was an old shirt of the man-around-the-house), some cord and then felt and crystals for embellishments:

All you need to make your own cute phone case

Here's the practical how-to bit:

Measure the size of the pouch you want to create by placing your phone on the material and leaving about an inch all the way round, for seams and a bit of room, plus and extra inch at the top for your drawstring.

You'll need two pieces this size. I actually doubled up the fabric to make it a bit more protective, or you could use a thicker softer material on the inside. Shirt material isn't exactly designed to have a bit of give!

Then turn the fabric inside out, pin and sew around three side leaving the top open. Turn back the right way round and hey presto you practically have your pouch! For the drawstring sew around the top twice to create a tramline the is just wider than your cord, giving it a channel to run through. (You don't have to do this bit, it'll just mean that the drawstring will drift right to the top of the material, depends on your preference.) Make two holes in between the tramlines at one end and thread through the cord using a safety. Cut to your desired length and tie it off. Ta-dah!

Finally, you can add whatever embellishments you fancy. I went with the nautical theme of the stripes and appliqued on a pink anchor and finished it off with a pink crystal for a bit of bling - you know me!

A cute and practical phone case
The best thing about this is that the same technique can be used for so many projects - glasses case, make-up pouch, practically any cute little bag that you need. Get to it guys!


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