About Knicker Elastic

Heya! Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web. Here I spend my time mostly messing around trying to turn the mundane into the bloomin' marvellous and hitting DIY gold every now and then.

For those that want to find out a little about me, here are a few titbits:

Things I believe in:

1. Peanut butter and jam is a THING
2. Dogs are cute, but cats are my soulmates (polariser alert!)
3. All women deserve equality with men, in every aspect of life. Full stop.
4. Knowing where North is at all times
5. Ice cream. Always and forever.
6. Sunshine can cure the foulest of moods
7. Gardening is good for the soul
8. Messy people are too busy living life to tidy up as it's happening (so I keep telling myself!)
9. Family and friends 
10. Scooters = sexy

Things I don't believe in:

1. A favourite meal. Food is just TOO good to whittle down to one dish! 
2. Walking. You just get everywhere much faster when you run.
3. Heels. You can run much better in flats!
4. That you can take too many photos
5. Friends that bring you down

Things I still haven't made my mind up about!

1. My career!! And whether I want to end up where I am and where I'm currently headed...
2. Fate. It's easy to believe we make our own destiny, until a spanner gets thrown in the works...Jury's still out on this one.
3. You can't have it all. Surely there must be a way? :p
4. Scooters versus bicycles.
5. Sugar. I know it's evil, oh but I love it so!

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