Saturday, 16 February 2013

DIY fantastic: Feather print vest top

We're back! Ha, I'm sure you didn't even know I was gone! ;) Anyway, we're launching straight back into some new sewing projects over here, no messing around!

First off the starting post is this feather print vest top. I found the fantastic feather print cotton in my local fabric shop and it immediately appealed to the inner cowgirl in me, so in the shopping basket it went! Printed vests are a staple round here, I can't have too many of them! So I pulled out an old fave to use as a pattern and got to work...

What you'll need:
  • Some fun fabric, I chose 'Geronimo' a feather print cotton
  • Pen and paper to make your pattern (I used newspaper and a felt tip pen. Keeping it real!)
  • Needle and thread / sewing machine
  • Scissors

The steps:
1. Lay out your existing top on the paper and draw around each component (mine was just the front and back) leaving a 1/2 inch excess for seams etc. Cut this out and you now have your pattern!

2. Pin your pattern over the material - take note of how the print will lie once it's cut and sewn and pin the pattern on accordingly.

3. Cut around your pattern and pin the two pieces together.

4. Sew the two pieces together to create the seams on either side. Then fold over the edges around the neck, arm holes and along the bottom and pin. I folder them over twice, each fold was about 5mm. Then sew along these too.

5. I also added a small dart under the arms, as per the top I was copying. The easiest thing with this is to try it on as you decide on the size and placement of the darts so it fits well

And hey presto you have your finished top!

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