Monday, 15 December 2014

DIY Fantastic: Geometric Pom Pom Cushion

When I scored a Margo Selby duvet cover in TkMaxx I was over the moon! I LOVE the fabric and am excited to climb under the bright, light, poppy geometric shapes to sleep every night. It's a party every night! Hmmm.

When I realised they only had super king in stock, I stopped for a millisecond, but went right on ahead and bought it anyway. With a couple of hours of tweaking it was swiftly chopped and sewed back down to a king and proudly topping our marital bed! :D

I love the fabric so much I was racking my brains as to what to do with the cast offs, the fabric was the perfect dimensions to cover some cushion inners I'd previously picked up from IKEA awaiting such a perfect opportunity. I also have meters of Pom Pom trim left over from the wedding that I am desperate to use in the house, so I paired them together and got to work!!

You can make these cushions with any fabric you discover, the addition of the pom poms keeps it fun and colourful! :) but any trim, piping etc would be equally awesome!

  • Fun fabric
  • Trim
  • Cushion filler
  • The usual suspects - scissors, needle and thread
Using your cushion filler as a guide to size, cut out the fabric into two squares/rectangles. The trick is make your cushion slightly smaller than your insert - that way your guaranteed a super pouffy cushion. I was restricted on fabric this being a cast off so I used every inch available! Generally speaking I'd aim for the exact size of your inner and once you've sewn it together, taking into account seam allowance, you'll end up half an inch or so smaller all round. Perfect!

Take your two fabric squares and turn them face to face. So back side facing out on both sides. Add your trim between the two sides - pom poms on the inside! And pin securely all the way round.
See about three quarters the way round your cushions (bit tricky with the pom poms trying to escape!) and leave a ago big enough to fit your insert in through.

Finally squeeze the insert inside, and using a hidden stitch, or any sort of stitch really, sew up the gap. Done! Then casually throw your new cushions on the bed to create that natural, relaxed scatter cushion look (which is actually anything but casual)!

This is a little corner of our bedroom that is almost finished! The bedside tables were a thirfty find that we sanded down and waxed. The mirrored cut glass lamp is from White Company, a wedding list special, and the yellow bedside clock was a lovely gift, from Anthropologie. The duvet cover that the fabric was from is Jessica, by Margo Selby. The peach blanket is an old family Welsh Woollen one that we inherited, so no link for that!

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