Saturday, 3 August 2013

Fantastic Loft Living

I've always wanted to live in an ex industrial building, be it a warehouse, loft or other converted building. I dream of the high ceilings, airy spaces, giant windows and industrial features! On a recent trip to Sicily we were lucky enough to stay in a converted garage building that was along just these lines. In Giardini Naxos, the down-to-earth neighbour of lofty Taormina, this unique pad was our home from home for a few days. See what you think of my snaps:

Sun streaming in through the high level windows along the side of the garage building. The perfect way to wake up!

I loved the polished concrete floors, which reinforces the fantastic industrial feel. Lots of lovely features were scattered around like this solid looking chest and architectural plant!

Fabulous lighting throughout - but a complete mix. Great combination of exposed brickwork (swoon!) and cabling. Who doesn't love a great big red button that MUST NOT BE TOUCHED, but just screams out to be pressed! And I loved the lime green bathroom with the pendant lights.

Fantastic blocks of colour above and below in the form of the hot pink kitchen and bright sofas and green curtains!

Ingenious little coffee table on rollers fashioned out of a crate and topped with glass to finish it off.

A wicked work bench that looks like it's seen more than one lifetime of hard graft! There must be layers and layers of paint built up on that thing and real piece of living history.

And who doesn't need their own in house gym?! Okay, those didn't get a whole lotta use during our stay!!

So, what do you think? Is industrial chic for you? If so, you can get your little slice of it right here!

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