Sunday, 14 April 2013

DIY Fantastic: Wedding Sock Monsters

You may remember this teaser post from many moons ago? Well probably not! But, this illustrates just how long this project has been in the mix. It is undoubtably my most long-running diy project yet! But, don't let this put you off, it's more a reflection on my lack of concentration than the complexity of the diy!

The full sock monster instructions and diy post can be seen here so we shan't run the whole thing once more. But all you need is some fun coloured socks, stuffing, needle and thread and whatever decorations you fancy, from buttons, gems, ribbons, net etc! You can get creative and make them in all different shapes and sizes.

I find the facial features the hardest and the most critical as they convey the little monster's character! In these I was particularly please with the bride's beautiful long lashes (soooo Lisa!) and the groom's bright green eyes.

These little cuties were made for a friend's wedding gift, to go with the album you've already seen! They were personalised to match the lovely couple and I tried to incorporate as many of their features as possible and even include some items from the actual wedding. The groom's bow-tie was made with ribbon from my bridesmaid dress and the gems on the bride's tiara were made with the decorative gems from our table on the big day!

So given we are gearing up for wedding season why not make a pair of fabulous sock monsters for the special couple? I love how personal they are and how easy to adapt to any occasion. Do you know anyone celebrating something special this year that these would make a lovely pressie for? Then get to it!

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