Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Gold Fever!

Olympic fever is all around us in old London town. It's hard to avoid, so luckily I'm 'well into it'! As well as feeling completely and utterly inadequate as all these over-achievers break records and win medals everyday you look, we have to admit to being just a tent bit inspired!

In honour of all the fabulous athletes jumping over poles, running around in circles and lifting heavy objects in our little old city, here are a few photos of our 'lympics so far.

Trooping of the colours in Horse-guard's Parade!
Glorious sunshine for China v Germany in the beach volleyball
Secret code - adds a bit of excitement (even if they do broadcast it to the opposition on the giant screens!)

Mid-point entertainment. Should def be a new Olympic sport of it's own!
The orbit in the Olympic park. Is that a giant helter-skelter?

Meadow and the stadium - the first time Stratford's seen wildflowers in decades!

The fantastic aquatics centre under the spotlight
The USA v Hungary in the women's water polo - not a game for the faint hearted!

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