Wednesday, 18 July 2012

DIY project: Hey stud!

The latest addition to my wardrobe: diy studded cut-off shorts

Everyone is going crazy for studs, and I'm no exception. My favourite pair of skinnies recently got wounded in action when my scooter misbehaved, resulting in an irreparable rip down the calf. Rather than abandoning them completely I chopped off the bottoms and turned them in a fab pair of cut-offs. 

Not content with that I decided they needed some embellishment. And so this is the story of what I did.

Take one pair of your favourite skinny cut-offs....

and a handful of metal studs...

plan your target spots...

And then get studding!

This is my finished product, I love the result!

A few tips from what I learnt - if you have stretch jeans, image what your design will look like once stretched a little, you can see that once I popped on these shorts the studs separated a little. I actually prefer that a little, but it's something to bear in mind. 

The inside of the studs could get a little scratchy, luckily on the areas I covered there was some thin cotton between the studs and my skin, but if not I'd be a great idea to cover the inside with something soft to protect your pins!

When cutting off your shorts take a guideline from a pair you already love - that way you should get the length just right. I kept a slightly longer length on mine so that I an wear them long or roll 'em up if I'm feeling a little braver!

Happy studding all!

There are tons of cutoff diys all over t'internet. Here's a couple of great examples:

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